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For 2002 most of my products will be electric, although I will continue the 20" wheeled Rockfish F-1 urban assault bike, which I have been making for 11 years, and the Xootr, a top of the line kick scooter, sized to fit adults.

I have good prices on the Shimano Nexus roller brake hubs.

Check out my Ebay store for special promotions, one-off bikes, etc.

- Nick Nichols

F-1 bicycle

The Rockfish F-1 has a frame made of 4130 cromoly seamless tubing throughout. It has a short wheelbase (< 38") and a high bottom bracket to provide cornering clearance for the pedals. The bike has a racing heritage going back to the late '80s when F-1 racing was sanctioned by the BMX race organizers.

I build each bike to order, starting at $650 with 7-speed gearing. The weight will usually be under 24 lb. Options include the front suspension pictured above (RST 200K) and a rear hub brake (Shimano roller brake).

Frames are available starting at $259 with a rigid fork

Xootr Street scooter New for 2002 are the Xootr Street and Xootr Cruz, top quality kick scooters sized to fit adults.

The Xootr scooters are made of 6061 CNC machined aluminum and cromoly steel. Instead of the 3" polyurethane tired wheels most manufactures use, Xootrs use 7" wheels, which have far less rolling resistance. They are also equipped with a hand brake for better stops.

Weight is around 10.5 lb. A 21 lb. electric version is also available.

I have an introductory price of $129 for the Cruz which has a 9 ply Birch plywood deck and $175 for the Street with a CNC machined aluminum deck. Electric versions start at $799. Options include a carry strap and a bag to carry the scooter. The bag converts into a back pack.

Currie Phat Flyer SE

The most popular electric vehicle I sell is the Currie Phat Flyer SE (special edition) scooter.

With its 12 1/2 X 2 1/4" wheels, large deck, and adjustable handlebar height, it fits both kids and adults and is more stable than most of the other electric standup scooters on the market.

Its brushless motor produces a top speed around 16 mph, and has enough power to climb most hills. Range with a 160 lb. rider is typically 5 to 6 miles*. Recharging takes about 2 to 4 hours.

The handlebars fold down for transporting. It has front and rear hand brakes. Weight is around 52 lb.

The price is $489 with a charger, comprehensive assembly and prep. Options include a seat kit with basket, fenders, and lights.

Currie E-Ride electric bicycle

Also new for 2002 is the Currie E-Ride, an electric power-assisted bicycle.

The E-Ride is a 21 speed mountain bike with the electrics installed at the factory. Electric power-assist takes the work out of climbing hills and maintaining speed. It features 26" quick-release wheels, a front shock and twist-grip shifting. The battery is removable, allowing it to be brought inside for recharging or to lighten the bike for transporting.

Its brushless motor produces a top speed around 17 mph. Range with a 160 lb rider is typically 12 to 18 miles*. Recharging takes about 3 to 6 hours.

Weight is around 63 lb. with the battery, 42 lb. without.

The price is $659 with a charger, comprehensive assembly and prep. Options include fenders, rack, and lights.

eGO motor scooter

Also new for 2002 is the eGO, an electric motor scooter.

The eGO is much more powerful than the Currie electric vehicles described above. It is more like a moped than an electric bicycle or stand-up scooter. The 20" wheeled vehicle comes with battery condition gauge, lights, fenders, and a rack.

Its motor produces a top speed around 21 mph and easily climbs most hills. It has hand brakes and regenerative braking. Range with a 160 LB rider is typically 12 to 17 miles*. Recharging takes about 4 to 8 hours.

Weight is around 98 lb.

The price is $1399 with an onboard charger, comprehensive assembly and prep. Options include baskets, a receiver type car carrier, and a rapid charger.

* Rather than repeat manufactures estimates on range, which are usually done on flat ground, I test my products in the local area, which has its share of hills.

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